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Surrey Half Marathon - completed

So, with only 6 weeks remaining until the marathon, last weekend I tested myself with the Surrey Half in Woking. I was feeling pretty good through the week and having ran 16 miles on the Monday I knew I could do the distance. However, Sunday morning bright and early the butterflies started. Not sure why really, but I guess the buzz of race day always gets you.

It was a miserable day with the forecast of rain all morning, something I was not looking forward to. However, I prepped well; a nice hearty breakfast, a new rain jacket and pockets full of energy gels.

The race itself was great. I ran my own pace (although faster than my training runs) and just kept going through the rain. I took on plenty of water on the course and ate an energy gel every 40 mins which seamed to suit me. I finished with a time of 2hrs 11mins, a 10 min pb and 1hr 1min 10km which is also not much slower, I was really happy with that. Post race I recovered well and apart from a bit of stiffness I felt great. I even managed to cook a roast!

Next weekend my run increases to 18 miles which I am a little scared of but with only two more long runs I am nearly there!

So far I have kept myself injury free however, if you know who is running a marathon and needs my help, please contact me on 077 3989 6427 to book an appointment.

Also i

f you would like to sponsor me I am raising money for Spinal Research who fund vital research into spinal chord injury. Please click the link below or type in my name in Virgin giving:

Thank you for your support


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